Ana María’s “silvery soprano” shines in Donizetti’s Poliuto

Ana María Martínez’s return to Glyndebourne in Donizetti’s Poliuto was met with great acclaim, with accolades from both audiences and the press. Of the premiere, WhatsOnStage wrote: “Poliuto needs at least three world-class singers, and Glyndebourne has them in the shape of soprano Ana María Martínez, whose expressive, haunted account of a role that Maria Callas once sang explores every shredded nerve-end of Paolina’s dilemma.” The Observer continued to praise Ana María’s performance, comparing her to Maria Callas: “The Greek diva and the Latin Martínez share some qualities including a dark, dusky chest voice and pinging coloratura, as well as a passing physical resemblance.” The Daily Mail concurred, writing that “Ana María Martínez brings Callas-like intensity to Paolina, the troubled but loyal wife who finally opts to join him in martyrdom.” 

“Martínez executed Paolina’s arias with such beauty that her voice seemed to shimmer,” wrote Opera Today, which continued, “Good casting, since divine light seems to permeate this opera, despite the gruesome nature of the narrative.” 

MusicOMH praised Ana María for “her now-characteristic suppleness of phrasing and subtle understanding of how to present a vulnerable character.” The Guardian also commented on the partnership of the Grammy-winning soprano and costar Michael Fabiano, “Ana María Martínez is a match for him, singing his wife, Paolina, with a silvery soprano as flexible as it is full-bodied…Perhaps this revival will prompt other companies to take on Poliuto, but you’ll be unlikely to hear it better sung.” 

Poliuto continues at the Glyndebourne Festival through July 15.