Houston Chronicle previews Houston Grand Opera’s upcoming production of Rusalka

Houston Chronicle previews Ana María’s upcoming performances with Houston Grand Opera as Rusalka.  The Soprano spoke to the Chronicle’s Everett Evans about the Glyndebourne Festival’s production coming to her home town of Houston, and what it means to step into her mermaid tale again.

Ana Maria said “I credit this role and this production with having brought a sort of existential awakening for me. This character, the story and the music have allowed me to access parts of myself, parts of life, that I normally would not have access to. In her sensitivity and nobility of spirit, Rusalka is greater than life. Everything she does, she does with such courage, love and honesty. She invites you to rise to her level.”  Read more here.

Performances with Houston Grand Opera are January 29th, 31st and February 6, 9 and 12, 2016.