Houston Chronicle

“Gifted soprano Ana María Martínez, a favorite of Houston audiences, attains a new level of artistry with her splendidly sung, movingly acted performance in the title role – a marvelous part with unique aspects and particular challenges, all of which Martínez brings off beautifully.”

“Martínez makes a wonderful Rusalka, her yearning and heartache passionately expressed in her singing and every other aspect of the performance. Her rich full soprano, with its dark timbre, conveys all the wistful vulnerability of this uniquely sympathetic heroine. The substantial stretch at the opera’s center, when the heroine cannot sing because she has sacrificed her voice to become human, might be considered a liability for an opera. Yet Martínez’s pantomime in her silent scenes is of such a high order of artistry – the gestures, moves and expressions so poignant – that we never lose the connection with the character and her feelings. And when, having lost her Prince to the predatory Foreign Princess, Rusalka regains her voice late in Act 2, the effect is all the more dramatic.”